Balan flower green granite Balan flower green granite

Balan flower green granite

Balan flower green granite is popular for wall and floor tiles, countertop etc.
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    Xiamen or main port of China
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    7-25 days
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Balan flower green granite is bright in color. it's deep green with blue light. and the flower is big,the color difference is belongs to the green environmental protection has large stock of the mine which suitable for the large public project. Especially, it is suitable for the wall cladding. The supply is adequate to the demand. 


Indoor and outdoor decoration. Component. Lavabo Countertop and WALL CLADDING and so on.



It is generally used for wall cladding. 

flower granite slabs factory

2. Flamed

Flamed Granite Slabs -----it is generally used for pavement and wall cladding.

Flamed Bala Flower Granite Slabs

3. Polished

 Polished flower granite slabs -----it is generally used for countertop and stairs.

Polished flower granite slabs

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