The marble products provided by our company are strictly in accordance with the “Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", guarantee the quality from raw materials, technology, craft, testing, service, management, etc., abide by the contract, and provide quality products and excellent service for the customers.


I. The production department will reorganize the order sheet according to the details provided by the buyer, including the drawing, quality requirement, raw material samples and order sheet. The drawings will be reconfirmed by the engineering department. After order sheet and processing drawing are edited and confirmed, will send to the management department, product department and inspection department for final check to make sure there is no problem, then will release the order to production department to conduct the production.


II. Production equipment and processing crafts assurance

In recent years, our company has invested a large amount of money in the factory equipment update and employee technical operation training.  so that the strength and technological level of production equipment and technical equipment have always had their own unique strength and quality in the industry. The factory has imported: gantry big cut, infrared trimming machine, automatic polishing machine, profiling machine and other advanced machines. So that the factory greatly improves the product thickness, polishing, flatness, angle and other quality on the pre-production, also made the company more excellent in deep processing and finishing.


III. Product inspection & testing assurance

Testing is an important part of product quality control. Our company supplements and updates the testing equipment to ensure that the testing team can use these testing methods more effectively and more precise and complete when test each product. Strictly implement the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, strictly control the management technology, production and testing of every detail to ensure that every piece of granite and marble products are effectively controlled in the management process.


IV. Attached the production flow chart

1. Confirm the work with customer in the early stage (sample, drawing, processing, size, delivery date)

2. The product department edits the production order, and the engineering department reconfirms the drawings (plan and assign the corresponding size and detail processing drawings)

3, Production sheet, drawing review (after re-examination by the general manager, product supervisor, quality inspection department, engineering department, order will be placed from the product department to the factory production department)

4. The production department arranges production, estimate production time and delivery date. (raw material procurement raw material testing (check whether it is consistent with the sample fixed in the contract) raw material processing)

5, Raw materials semi-finished products finished products deep processing processing inspection

raw material→edge finish→

edge cutting→hole dig

6, Product layout assembly processing inspection side numbering product front labeling (part number) product re-test (number check)

7. Product packagingProduct re-inspection (check quantity check part processing number check product processing check product packaging and packaging stability)


V.Quality assurance of the supplied marble slabs

This time, our company is responsible for the supply of three granite stones in the Shangri-La Hotel, Xiamen. According to the relevant procedures listed above, we must guarantee the quality and quantity of the stone supplied by our company to the Shangri-La Hotel Project, we do credible work, make good quality according to the contract quality requirement.





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