• The 24th Xiamen International Stone Fair Concluded Successfully


    The 24th Xiamen International Stone Fair Concluded Successfully

    Every year, the Xiamen International Stone Fair is a grand carnival for the stone industry, and this year’s 24th edition is even more so! Stone manufacturers from all over the world gather here, bringing their own new products and new technologies to create a "feast for the rich" in the stone industry. This design is a romantic encounter between stone and light. Using the properties of light to create more realistic and accurate works of art, combined with the characteristics of Plush composite panels - light, transparent and thin, outlines the original appearance of the product. Light: In the form of a suspended product, it gives people a feeling of floating in mid-air, corresponding to the ethereal veil of light. Transparent: The internal lighting of the styling product makes it transparent, giving life to the presentation of the texture of the composite slab stone. Corresponds to the extremely colorful light. Thin: The product is intuitively reflected. Corresponding to the infinite reverie of light. The above products have one characteristic in common: they are innovative. "Innovation" is an important reason why a company can continue to thrive. In this era full of changes, only by keeping up with the trend of the times and constantly innovating can we stand out in the fierce market competition. Nowadays, people's demand for stone is growing day by day, so stone factories must not only introduce advanced mining and processing equipment, continuously improve product quality, and constantly innovate products, but also need to pay attention to the "inner beauty" of the product and pay attention to environmental issues. The products use environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also add greenness and health to our lives, which is in line with modern people's yearning and pursuit of a better life. If you are interested in our marble stone, please see our home page: or email to me:, contact to my Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86 18150018770
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  • 2024 New Design Of Green Marble Bathtub


    2024 New Design Of Green Marble Bathtub

    The special about the new design marble bathtub is the soft line around the body. As the marble is hard and strong. But designer gave it a soft character. Also the green color is very popular for the 2 years. The green marble is widely used for bathroom, background wall and kitchen. Just contact us for more new bathroom ideas. For more information about stone bathtubs at Email: Wechat/WhatsApp: 008613806031784
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    Welcome to our Xiamen International Stone Fair, our Exhibition number is C4008. The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, a global professional stone exhibition, will be held grandly at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 16-19, 2024. As the global market returns, domestic and foreign upstream and downstream industry chains, design industries, cross-border platforms, and industry media gather in Xiamen to discuss the future trends of stone under new business formats and promote the industry with a broader perspective and more diverse expressions. symbiosis and development.
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  • Chinese New Year Holioday Noticed


    Chinese New Year Holioday Noticed

    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! We would like to express our heartiest thanks for your great support and cooperation in 2023. Wishing you a prosperous year in 2024!
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  • Quanzhou Shuitou Stone Exhibition


    Quanzhou Shuitou Stone Exhibition

    The reason why Quanzhou Shuitou Stone Exhibition can attract many customers may be due to the following reasons: 1. Rich varieties and displays: Shuitou Stone Exhibition brings together stone suppliers and manufacturers from different regions, displaying various types of stones and stone products, including marble, granite, quartz stone, etc. This provides customers with a wide range of choices that cater to customers with different needs and preferences. 2. High-quality stone products: Quanzhou is one of the important stone-producing areas in China. The local stone industry is mature and the stone products produced are of high quality. Customers can find a variety of stone products with good quality and appearance at Shuitou Stone Exhibition. 3. Professional exhibition organization: Shuitou Stone Exhibition is usually planned and organized by professional exhibition organizations. They have rich experience and professional knowledge and can ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition and attract the attention of related industries. They provide a professional and efficient platform that allows suppliers and customers to easily display products, communicate and cooperate, and find business opportunities. 4. Stay on top of market dynamics and trends: Attending stone exhibitions can keep customers informed of the latest market dynamics and trends. They can communicate with suppliers and other industry experts to share experiences and opinions to better understand the development trends of the stone industry and enhance their competitiveness. 5. Business negotiation opportunities: The stone exhibition attracts many domestic and foreign buyers and purchasers, providing opportunities for business negotiations between suppliers and customers. Customers can communicate directly with suppliers to understand product details, prices, delivery conditions, etc., and find partners to meet their needs. To sum up, the Quanzhou Shuitou Stone Exhibition is able to attract many customers because it provides diverse product choices, high-quality stone products, professional exhibition organization, and opportunities to understand market dynamics. These factors make the Stone Exhibition an important platform for exchanges and cooperation in the stone industry.
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  • International Worker's Day Notice


    International Worker's Day Notice

    Dear All Customers, Happy the coming International Worker's Day. Wish everything is going smoothly in your work and life. Please be informed that we will be closed our company from 29th April to 3rd May. Normal business will resume on 4th May. Any new plan pls move it in advance. Thank you for your understanding and support. Best Regards May Xiamen Rising Fortune Co.
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  • How to get a marble bathtub into bathroom?


    How to get a marble bathtub into bathroom?

    As we known, the marble bathtub is heavy which is around 600-1000kgs. So it need around 4-5 people take it into the bathroom. For more marble stone bathtubs at our website
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  • Marble and Onyx Candle Jars With Metal Refill Shared from Alex


    Marble and Onyx Candle Jars With Metal Refill Shared from Alex

    The marble onyx candle holders are more and more popular.  They are luxury and durable.  There are a variety of colors for choice.  It is a best gift for wedding, Christmas or Valentine. Thanks for Alex to share us the amazing pictures.  They really look fantastics. The color they ordered is pink onyx, white onyx and black marble. We match the metal refills for the jars.  So the user can change the different tastes of wax and clearn it easily. About the candle jars, we accept customization like size, color, and shape. What we can match for the candle jars are as below: matching stone lid or metal lid glass refill or metal refill engraved logo or printed logo gift box For more information about marble onyx candle jars. Please feel free to contact us: Email: Wechat/WhatsApp: 008613806031784
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  • White Marble Bathtub Shared from My Irish Cilent


    White Marble Bathtub Shared from My Irish Cilent

    This white marble bathtub is perfect for your home bathroom. Thanks to my client-- Mark, for sharing about the bathtub. After long-term communication with Mark, including materials, shapes, sizes, colors, textures and so on, we finally reached a consensus. The bathtub is made of white marble, the size is 160*70*55cm, the surface is polished, and the weight is about 490kg, these veins are natural. It looks high grade and very suitable in Mark's bathroom. Thank for Mark's feedback. Why the Marble Bathroom Bathtub is Hot Selling? 1. Marble Bathtubs Are Gorgeous Aesthetically, you will never find a better-looking bathtub than a marble bathtub. Marble has a very classic look. With its huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles, you can find a shade to suit your design style and décor. A product of natural stone, no two pieces of marble will ever be the same, ensuring a unique look for your bathtub. 2. Marble Bathtubs are Custom-Built Whether you are looking for a square-shaped tub, a round tub, or a soaking tub, customize your bathtub to suit your bathroom design. Each marble bathtub is made to order, allowing you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom bathtub masterpiece. Customize your tub according to your size and comfort. 3. Marble Is Energy Efficient The energy efficiency of marble is unrivaled by other bathtub materials. The marble absorbs heat and retains it for a long time, keeping your bath water temperature warmer for longer. This results in fewer top-ups needed from your hot water faucet, reducing your energy cost for water heating. 4. Marble is Easy to Clean and Maintain Marble bathtubs are created using a single, large slab of marble. No joints, no glue, and no seams joining themMarble. There are no cracks for water to drip through, and therefore, no places for mold to grow! Marble is so easy to clean. All it takes is regular, gentle wiping with a wet cloth to keep it in tip-top condition. Don’t use acidic chemical cleaners as these could damage your marble – and that’s it. 5. Marble is Durable and Long Lasting Marble is made from natural stone, so it’s a hard and durable material by nature. It will stand the test of time better than other bathtub materials and will last forever if you look after it correctly. 6. There Are Budget-Friendly Marble Options Marble is pricey depending on the type of stone, slab, and availability. If a bespoke Marble bathtub is a bit too pricey for you, but you love the idea of a stylish luxury tub, try the Marble-coated option. Cultured or Faux Marble options are more affordable but still offer the look and style of the real deal. Contact us today at +86 18150018770 or by sending an email to webpageWebeite:
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