• Alibaba Shopping Festival in September


    Alibaba Shopping Festival in September

    The annual Alibaba International Shopping Festival is coming, Alibaba stores are scrambling to prepare for the Fesitival. Every year, there will be a lot of discounts on Alibaba platform. what are the benefits? 1.Thousands of new products 2.Big disocunt 3.Large coupon 4.Low MOQ As for our company, we had four live broadcasts which introduce marble candle jar, marble pet bowls and other popular products, more than 500 people online watched our livestream online. In the upcoming shopping festival, we will launch a lot of new products and issue more coupons. Following are our livestreaming website: Learn more about our company, please visit: For any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: [email protected] Wechat/WhatsApp: 008618770345730
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  • Team building activities


    Team building activities

    Xiamen Alibaba Business circle team building has come to a successful end. Xiamen Alibaba Business circle, which is make up of 15 companies, has been organized for more than 10 years. In order to strengthen communication and learn from each other, we hold a tam building activities every year. This weekend, we came to We went to visit a military sightseeing base. Our team had a constant queue to get into the field. Divided into different groups, we playing games in the playground. Every group worked very well together and every one feels happy. In doing the games, our company won the first place. Finally, we came to a sharing section. The experienced salesman shared a lot with the new member. With everyone's mutual encouragement, I believe we will make greater progress. Learn more about our company, please visit: For any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: [email protected] Wechat/WhatsApp: 008618770345730
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  • 2020 Shuitou Stone Fair


    2020 Shuitou Stone Fair

    As the only large-scale offline stone exhibition held in the world during the epidemic, the theme of this "Stone Expo" is "creative, intelligent, and inclusive", inviting design masters to add the finishing touch to the high-end intelligent manufacturing of the stone industry and build a cloud platform for the online and offline cross-end services which has helped Nan'an to become the "World Stone Cultural Capital". Dongsheng, Universal, Kangli, Xishi, Bandung, Huahui, Xinpengfei, Dongxing, Pengxiang Recycled Stone, Guangming, Shunfa, Gengmao, Zhongtuo, Guofu, Tianbang, Dingyuan, Sanbang, and other well-known brand companies made stunning appearances, bringing new products to the audience. Closer cooperation with design forces and true symbiosis with design is a highlight of this year's Shuitou Stone Fair. Particularly eye-catching is a different offline stone master exhibition created by Yingliang Group, one of the members of the organizing committee, "Special Exhibition of Masters Design Works". The exhibition area was full of people on the opening day. Masters and industry experts communicated and interacted with the audience on the spot, which was very lively. According to Qi Fei, President of Yingliang Group, the theme of this exhibition is "Singing with Design to Resonate Nature". Through the designs and artworks of 14 masters, the original value of stone with a history of hundreds of millions of years is displayed. Take design as the guide to drive exhibition and industry innovation. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition area is equipped with a master’s living room and a live broadcast area. With the theme of "stone + design + art + fashion + ecology", the masters and the audience have zero-distance exchanges and interactions within and outside the online and offline circles. The designer of "Sing the Nature with Design" will be held at 2:30 this afternoon in the Master Hall of the main exhibition hall. Lin Rongzhong, secretary of the Nan'an Municipal Party Committee, said that in recent years, Nan'an has been the first to explore the intelligent manufacturing of stone Internet in the 5G era, and the paving industry has changed from simple processing to processing of finest stone handicrafts and artworks. Transforming from selling stones to stone-making culture, is making great strides towards the goal of building a "world stone cultural capital". On the same day, the annual International Stone Fair and Pan-Home Furnishing Theme Week open in Nan'an City, Fujian Province. Affected by the epidemic and the external environment, Nan'an City, Fujian Province based on the traditional stone industry foundation, innovated marketing models, and highlighted cultural creativity, striving to maintain the market share of traditional stone materials, it actively adjusted and upgraded the industry from the perspective of stone cultural and creative design. A large number of unique stone cultural and creative home design works appeared in this year's International Stone Fair, which became a highlight of the exhibition. At the exhibition, the products are diverse. Among them, slate tables, terrazzo stone ,marble furniture and stone kitchenwares are popular among visitors. We look forward to seeing more innovative and distinctive new stone products in the next exhibition. Learn more about other stone products please visit: For any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: [email protected] Wechat/WhatsApp: 008618350752726
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  • The 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair is Postponed to October


    The 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair is Postponed to October

    The China Xiamen International Stone Fair Organizing Committee issued an important notice announcing that the 20th China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be postponed again until October 27-30, 2020, and the time of the 21st Xiamen Stone Fair for May 18-21, 2021. For any need about stone products, visit our website at 
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