New York white marble slab price New York white marble slab price New York white marble slab price

New York white marble slab price

New York marble is popular for interior decoration.
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    30% deposit, balance pay before shipping
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    any port of China
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    7-25 days
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New York marble is an unique white marble with dark purple veins. Some surface with more but some less. It can be according to your request to select different surfaces. We called it a decorative stone which is popular for floor and wall tiles, bathtub, basin, bench top and TV wall background etc. 

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Product Description

  • Surface Finish: polished, honed etc
  • available size: For slabs:   2400up×1200up×16/18/20/30/40mm  gangsaw slab or cut to size
  • Usage: countertop, bench top, bathtub, basin, floor or wall tiles
  • Packing
  •  Inner packing:
    For slabs: packed in strong wooden bundles
    Out packing:
    Seaworthy wooden crates

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