Xiamen Stone Fair in 2022 2022-01-14

In the past two years, many changes have taken place in the stone industry, and Xiamen Stone Fair has also undergone many changes.

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The planning of our exhibition area has changed, and many new content have been incorporated. There is a design hall withstoneas the absolute protagonist, as well as uninterrupted forums and salons.

Our audience group has changed. Old friends from all over the world cannot get together for the time being, but a large number of architects and designers have poured into Xiamen to re-examine the relationship between stone and design;

Our exhibition format has changed. The cloud exhibition and the new media matrix are organically combined to bridge the gap in time and space, and at the same time, we will try our best to drain the offline exhibition. The four-day exhibition is more substantial, active and topical.

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The Xiamen Stone Fair in 2022 will be a shared stage, objectively presenting the form of the industry, gathering individuals, crowds, channels, institutions, and platforms. The buds of the "new ecology of the stone world" will also be born here. At this moment, every organic factor in this "new ecology" is busy for the coming March, brewing its own unique expression.

Undoubtedly, the upgrade of the exhibition language has become one of the biggest highlights of Xiamen Stone Fair. More and more exhibitors have organically combined the unconstrained design language with the time-honed craftsmanship language, presenting the brand story to every audience in a diversified manner.

Six sections, six interpretations.

Together with the main curator, Xiaojie, use the garden as a starting point to describe the story of the stone: How can flowers bloom in the stone? Why does the stone make the bamboo clump? What would a stone table in the garden look like? Will the stone benches in the garden be soft? Can they be used indoors...A series of questions need someone to answer. This is the meaning of next year's Shi Infinity Design Exhibition.

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