The latest news of Fujian G654 Sesame Black Granite 2018-10-09

As we known, the G654 dark grey granite is very popular for interior and exterior decoration, like, countertop, vanity, stairs, floor tiles,pedestal basin and sink,bathtub,wall cladding, paving tiles, cobblestone etc.

granite pedestal sink

In 2013, the “Changtai County Gradually Closes the Plan for the Planning of Granite Mining Areas for Facing Decoration” was announced, a five-year closing transition period was set, the Semiling Mining Area was closed in 2013, and Nankeng Mining Area was closed on September 5, 2017. The Wutianshan mining area has also been closed, and at 0:00 on June 1st, it is forbidden to engage in block cargo transportation and other scrap materials transportation activities. Under the influence of various policies, what is the current market for Fujian Changtai G654 granite?

G654 ganite

1. At present, the block material processed by Lindun's stone factory is from raw materials that have been accumulated in previous years. There is also the scrap that was lost during the processing of G654 granite in previous years. However, since June 1st, cheap scrap is not allowed to dig. The price of raw materials to buy at the yard is too high. As a result, the price of finished products has risen.

G654 tiles

2. Most stone factories in Lindun have limited scale due to various factors. Most of the scales do not have the capital to stock a lot of wool. Therefore, the miners must pile up the wool stockyards to purchase raw materials. Changes in the market, the shortage of block, the owner of natural block prices have also risen. Caused many stone factory can not afford, either price increases, or stop operating. The owner of the granite stone factory often ridiculed such things as “Now it can only be the Buddhist system selling, can not be forced, revel.” So now G654 granite finished product prices have become an indisputable fact. Only price increases can solve the problem.
G654 quarry

3. The future development of Lindun Granite Stone Factory is a confused one. The development of any company in China is closely related to the government's policies. At present, Changtai government's attitude is not clear. There is a tendency to let it go by itself. At present, a stone factory in Lintong continues to survive. Began to carry block from the neighboring counties for processing, Huaan G655 granite, Nanjing G655 granite, Kok Mei New Mine G654, and so on. However, due to the purchase of Lindun Stone Works, the government remedied environmental protection. Prices in these places have also started to rise. The granite momentum is not lost last year's G654. In addition, transportation costs are heavy. Naturally, these granite block finished products are sold at a later price. This is still a small part of Lindun stone factory procurement, once the G654 granite reserves raw materials consumed, all manufacturers rely on foreign stone block resources. That demand is absolutely insufficient to meet. At that time it was estimated that it was another major earthquake. Therefore, the situation of the G654 Lindun Stone Works was extremely hot.

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