The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair 2022-08-02

This will be a magnificent stone visual feast.

This will be an art festival of technology empowering stone.

This will be a "cloud" presentation of the China Stone Festival.

This is also a beneficial exploration of the new media live broadcast and the stone industry.

On July 31, the second day of the 22nd Xiamen International Stone Fair, the Italian design media joined hands with the 22nd Xiamen International Stone Fair and made its world premiere through the video number of the Xiamen International Stone Fair.

This is also a "gift package" for global stone people. Let the whole world watch the beauty of Chinese stone, and the live broadcast has been realized: stone people who come or don't come can appreciate the charm of "Sharing the New Ecology of Stone World".

Let us follow the camera together to capture the highlights of the exhibition.

Marble Taj Mahal

marble project

Sharing the new business form of stone, return to the original intention, you are not here, I have been here, the craftsman spirit stone people are dedicated and innovative, looking forward to a better time and enjoying the beauty of nature!

Beige travertine wall with carving 

travertine wall

From the magnificent rough stone weather and beautiful visual feast a thousand years ago, to the brilliant blooming of the 3D smart sawing field today, the 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair will meet in Xiamen from 7.30 to 8.2 to share the new stone world. What kind of story will Ecology tell us?

Book matched marble wall

marble wall and floor

There are many marble, grainte and luxury stone factories join the stone fair. You can see a variety of new marble colors and processing technologies. So if you are going to have a project. Just contact us for the inquiry.

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