Granite Stone Bathtub shared from Japanese Client 2022-04-19

The Oval Granite Stone Bathtub has been installed in our Daiko's temple garden perfectly.  Thanks for him to share a good comment about the granite bathtub. The oval granite bathtub is customized according to Daiko's request. Like the size, shape and color.  The granite is a dark grey granite. The finish for the granite bathtub is polished inside and bushhammered outside. It brings a natural tone for the bathroom.

granite bathtub

The custom granite stone bathtub is really luxury but not expensive at all.  It makes your bathroom amazing. For more designs, colors of stone bathtub, just visit us at

Why stone bathtub is still a great choice?

1. Stone has luxury appearance and delicate aesthetic.

2. Stone bathtub is more durable and pratical.

3. Using natural stone bathtub is surefire way of introducing and elegant aesthetic no matter how you use it.

4. There are a variety of stone colors for choice.

5. The granite bathtub is freestanding.  Stone allows you to choose the style, your placement and deesigns.

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