Marble creates a sense of quality 2019-01-25
As the new darling of fashion, marble has a very strong deform ability. It gives space a lot of surprises in design techniques and material applications. Bringing the marble into all areas of the home. Create a sense of quality in home life.

Candlestick and vase design

Marble is purely intriguing in its appearance and delicate texture, silently exuding artistic beauty. As a good material, marble can be found in every corner of the house with a beautiful decoration. Marble vases, marble candlesticks/marble candle jar and decorative marble bowls can be used as carriers to add a sense of exquisiteness to the space.

Decoration around the fireplace

The marble fireplace adds more than just a comfortable accent to the interior. It makes the space look so elegant and sophisticated, creating a warm and welcoming visual surprise.

coffee table

Marble counter tops are a good choice when choosing a marble coffee table for your home. Remove the label of the frosty and lustful marble and see his rich and lively side. The material itself allows him to withstand heat and heat. On such a textured counter top, put on a cup of your favorite drink, the taste feels a layer.

Art wall painting

Marble has good texture and good performance, so the general price is more expensive, but you can also use another way to create a sense of high quality for your home. For example --- marble wall paintings.

Nowadays, more and more art works of modern art have been created. You can add marble paintings indoors. Not only has a high cost performance, affordable, but also enrich the overall space of the room.

Lighting fixture

Lamps made of marble are another good choice. Whether it is a chandelier, a desk lamp or a floor lamp, there are products that use marble or marbled patterns. The brilliance of the glaze creates a more harmonious atmosphere for the interior.

Background wall

The marble-covered walls transform the interior into a refined and elegant space that transforms the home into a high-rise home or apartment.

Pillows and blankets

If the marble makes you feel too cold. You may not even think that the marble will be soft enough to let you snuggle together. That suggestion will definitely open your eyes.

When you add marble-style pillows and blankets indoors, you'll find its softness and temperature, so you can enjoy the marble trend on the super-comfortable sofa.

Home, light and fresh, although sought after, may not be suitable for everyone. The marble in the home decoration can be elegant and feminine, and can be colorful. There can also be the calm and wise of elite men. The fascinating marble can create a low-key but high-grade light luxury style. The black-and-white collocation of the sights still stands at the forefront of the trend.

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