A variety of marble wash basin designs replace big white marble sink 2018-12-17

It is said that people's impressions of the sink colors are mainly pure white, and there is not much change in the shape. This time we have collected the marble washbasin design that is amazing in the corner of the bathroom, so that our daily grooming wash basin is no longer just about function, but also can improve the overall design of the bathroom , As a professional natural stone bathroom decor manufacturer, risingfortunetrading supply modern marble basin and sink for hotel and apartment.

Focus on the sculpt of the raw materials for basins in the streamlined design, so that the sink products are like a piece of art.

If you are looking for a somewhat unique bathroom piece, check out this natural marble pedestal basin. Handmade, carefully crafted, the unique luster of the washing basin, looks like a blooming flower, and then with a long neck faucet, simple and stylish, instantly providing the overall style of the bathroom.

The main material is natural marble, there is also a special onyx, the original color in the quartz, through the layer of texture reveals the luster, the luxury design feels broken, will definitely poke your heart.

Innovative research and development, consistent style, through the deep thinking and innovation of traditional aesthetics, the bathroom gives people a more comfortable space feeling. Its basin products are also designed to be aesthetic, functional and technical.

Create a natural bathroom space with logs and stone.

This basin design series is highly simple and features a cutting surface that allows the various angles of the sink to reflect different brilliance under the reflection of light.

A collection of traditional and stylish bathrooms made from stone and wood. We can see the wood, the retro of the stone, and the tub, the modern lighting, the color, the black and white style and the simple decoration make the space quite simple.

stone basin with wood cabinet

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