How to clean and maintain the marble 2018-10-09
Natural marble tile is very common in our modern home decoration. If use the marble properly, it will make the whole home more nice. If you install it, you can have a very beautiful home life, but the marble is very easy to dye, so everyday maintenance work is very important, We must know how to clean the marble? At the same time, we should also get a lot of attention to the marble maintenance method.

How to clean marble floor tile?
First, to keep the marble floor tile clean, it is completely clear the dusting and cleaning, so at the entrance can put a mat to filter the sand particles brought by the shoes, otherwise the sand will follow the footsteps of people wearing the stone surface. It is good to use dust cleaner or electrostatic mop for dust removal.
Second. Non-neutral non-neutral cleaners should be cleaned with a diluted neutral detergent or clean water. Cleaning products containing improper pH will destroy their luster (especially acidic cleaners can neutralize calcium carbonate in stone). To make the stone form a yellow spot).
Third, we must remove the source of pollution if you accidentally pour the source of pollution (such as oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, etc.) on the marble stone immediately.

What is the marble floor maintenance method?

First, clean the original filler between the stone gaps, and then use a special stone slitting machine to re-align the slits in the original stone installation, so that the gap difference between the stones is reduced to low, and then close to the stone. The color of the marble glue fills it. (Note: If you have done the middle seam before, you don't need to re-open the seam).

Second,  use the marble glue which is close to the color of the marble itself. So that it is close to the original color of the marble to improve the overall sense and to achieve the desired visual effect.
Third, fill the glue, because the marble glue will have a certain degree of shrinkage after solidification, so the marble glue should be slightly higher than the marble level, so that it will not be filled multiple times.
Fourth, use the polishing pad and polishing filler to make it become a horizontal plane with marble, increase the overall sense of marble, and solve the problem of high and low gap between the gaps, to prevent the gap from returning to black again. The trimming position of the granite refiner is carefully polished to make it a flat whole with the marble.

Marble is commonly used in home decoration nowadays, can be used for marble floor and marble wall decoration. Therefore, we need to know how to clean the marble. The marble should be cleaned to keep the marble clean and new. The marble maintenance method is What we need during our use of marble, because the regular maintenance can ensure that the marble is better used and can prolong its service life.

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