Bacatgem Natural Black Obsidian Merkaba Hexagonal Star Bacatgem Natural Black Obsidian Merkaba Hexagonal Star

Bacatgem Natural Black Obsidian Merkaba Hexagonal Star

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6cm, 7cm or Customized
Black marble
100 pcs 
Modern, Luxury
Lead time
15-45 days
Foam as inner protection, outside pack with carton or plywood crate, depends on the size.
Black or custom

  1. The Eight Pointed Star Appears In Spiritual Traditions From Many Different Cultures Across The Globe.
  2. Useful For Positive Energy Generator, Peace Of Mind, Bookend, Fengshui, Yoga, Focusing Affirmations And Prayers, Reiki, Healing, Meditation,Energy Charged,Protection, Home Decoration, Chakra Balancing, Or Ritual.
  3. Placing This Healing Star In Your Home Promotes A Positive Flow Of Energy In Your Space.
  4. Perfect For Focusing Affirmations And Prayers. Stimulates Psychic Perception.
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mix stone markaba star

merkaba pietra naturale india

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